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Bringing UV Forward

Originally designed for healthcare professionals and food production, it’s clear the need for ultraviolet (UV) technology extends to anyone concerned about contact with dangerous pathogens.

Why UV-C Disinfection?

UV-C light destroys nucleic acids of pathogen DNA. This renders DNA and RNA based microbes incapable of functioning. AvaUV maximizes UV-C technology, making it a fast, effective and consistent disinfection solution wherever you need it.

Wavelength is Critical

Ultraviolet light wavelength ranges from 100-400 nanometers (nm) with peak germicidal efficacy at 254 nm. AvaUV technology utilizes industry leading, extremely efficient bulbs - 99% UV-C output!

Targeting Dose

Disinfection Dose is the amount of UV-C energy required to inactivate a specific pathogen. Multiple factors determine Dose, which is why all UV solutions are not created equal. AvaUV technology combines optimal UV-C intensity and exposure time to achieve a highly effective dose.

Dose = UV-C Intensity x Exposure Time

Take comfort
in clean

Designed, built, and tested for disinfection you can trust.

Distance Makes a Difference

The closer, the better when it comes to UV exposure. Objects that are nearer to the UV-C light source receive higher intensity light. AvaUV maintains close proximity for items being disinfected by multiple light sources to enable maximum UV-C incident light and reduced exposure time.

Designed to Maximize Results

AvaUV uses multiple high-power bulbs combined with a precision disinfection chamber to emit, capture, and reflect all UV-C photons for a superior UV-C Dose. This provides consistent predictable results for the toughest pathogens with efficient cycle times to fit into any workflow.

Close-proximity bulbs
optimally positioned to provide maximum incident light to equipment surfaces

Optimal chamber design
ensures even distribution of light on all surfaces —100% total light captured

Empower everyone to take disinfection into their own hands.

Efficacy and Log Reduction

Germicidal Efficacy is expressed in terms of Log reduction. The UV-C dose required to inactivate different pathogens varies. Many disinfection devices focus on bacteria-only claims and fall between 1 Log - 3 Log reduction for efficacy. AvaUV targets a higher level of clean against viruses and bacteria.

Pathogens  remaining (out of 1 million)


1 Log = 90%


2 Log = 99%


3 Log = 99.9%



4 Log = 99.99%


5 Log = 99.999%


6 Log = 99.9999%

*Images are for log kill illustration only and are not taken from actual AvaUV device testing data or performance results.

Pathogenic Kill Rate

We utilize industry leading testing standards and real world scenarios to provide safe and effective disinfection solutions.

Products perform up to the below percentage reductions based on accredited third-party testing. Reach out if you want a summary of our test results.


30 second cycle time

Human Coronavirus-229E - 99.23%

Human Rhinovirus 16 - 99.99%

Clostridium difficile - 99.999%

Escherichia coli - 99.9999%

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)- 99.99999%


2 minute cycle time

Human Coronavirus-229E - 99.93%

Human Rhinovirus 16 - 99.99%

Clostridium difficile - 99.992%

Escherichia coli - 99.999%

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - 99.99999%


2 minute cycle time

Human Coronavirus-229E - 99.93%

Human Rhinovirus 16 - 97.85%

Clostridium difficile - 99.996%

Escherichia coli - 99.999%

Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - 99.9999%

Maximum intensity in reduced time wherever you need it

Disinfection for personal and professional tools