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Disinfection for the personal and professional tools you rely on.

UVC as a partner in workplace wellness

UVC is an effective way to prevent microorganisms from replicating and spreading in any environment. By destroying nucleic acids of pathogen DNA and RNA, it renders them incapable of functioning.

UVC complements traditional chemical cleaning practices, helping to enhance your disinfection results. UVC efficiently cleans items that are difficult to wipe, without dry time or residue.

This extra layer of clean can be done quickly and effectively—wherever you need it.
See the Ava Difference

Bringing UV forward

AvaUV is a Tekna company, born out of the need to address emerging global health issues. Utilizing over 30 years of product development and manufacturing expertise, we're bringing UV forward in order to support cleaner environments and make it easily accessible to all. If you want to know more about Tekna’s work and their history, head over to

AvaUV aims to provide the most sophisticated, trusted products in the market.

Maximum intensity and reduced time required via high-powered bulbs and controlled chamber design.

Ready to use one-button operation is simple and safe to use for everyone.

Scalable portfolio seamlessly integrates into any environment without disruption to your workflow.


Our hands are only as clean as the things we touch

The capsule is a mobile device and small equipment disinfection station. Perfect for a variety of high-touch items and non-medical devices, it utilizes powerful, close-proximity UVC bulbs and features a 'hands-clean' design with an auto-open door for touch-free removal. The internal chamber is 22.25in x 7in x 3.5in and point of use accessories and options are available.

360˚ disinfection proven to kill dangerous pathogens.
MRSA - 99.99999%
E. coli - 99.9999%
C. diff - 99.999%

30 second UV disinfection

Place your personal items in AvaUV
Shut the door to begin disinfecting
Wash your hands while cycle runs
Remove your items from AvaUV


Multipurpose capacity, powerful disinfection

The multipurpose cube is designed to fit more at once. It's great for your critical tools used every day as well as a wide range of shared equipment. The internal chamber is 28in x 18in x 20in and has configurable shelves.

360˚ disinfection proven to kill dangerous pathogens.
MRSA - 99.9999%
E. coli - 99.999%
C. diff - 99.992%

2 min UV disinfection

Easy-to-use for hard-to-clean equipment

Cube 2

Multipurpose capacity, bigger scale

This large, multipurpose unit is flexible enough for your critical tools used every day. It's configurable to what you need and sized to fit a large range of equipment. The internal chamber is 48in x 18in x 20in and has configurable shelves.

360˚ disinfection proven to kill dangerous pathogens.
MRSA - 99.9999%
E. coli - 99.999%
C. diff - 99.996%

2 min UV disinfection

Complement clean spaces with disinfected tools

Flexible for your needs

Our full line of products is designed to fit any industry and its unique needs. Place units at entries and exits, common and shared spaces, high traffic and waiting areas – anywhere that best supports your environment and flow. By utilizing UV in your disinfection efforts and making it easily accessible to all, you’ll not only support a cleaner environment, you’ll be empowering individuals to take control over their items.

Not sure what’s best for you? We’re happy to help you plan it out!

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